Move over Campus Customs — Gant is now selling official Yale branded merchandise.

The Swiss-owned apparel company began selling its Yale Co-Op oxford shirt collection at its store on the corner of York and Elm Streets Thursday, with each piece retailing for $115. Gant, which started in New Haven in 1943, produced apparel targeted specifically at college students through the 1950s and 1960s, and its new line of shirts echoes the old collegiate designs, said CEO and president of GANT USA Ari Hoffman.

“The Yale Co-Op shirts represent a reconnection with our past,” he said in a press release. “We want to reconnect to a time generations ago when students, faculty and alumni made Gant oxford button-downs the must-have shirt to own.”

Though the original Yale Co-Op store closed in 2000, Gant returned to New Haven last November, stocking only men’s clothing. Sales associate Brittany Panaroni said in January she was not aware of any plans to stock women’s apparel in the near future.

Gant’s new line features shirts in solids, stripes and checks with the Yale Co-Op logo in blue, and the Campus Store logo written underneath.

The new shirts will also be available through Gant’s online store, which launches in mid-April.