Harvard = copycat?

According to an article published Wednesday by the Harvard Crimson, Yale’s model of residential college renovations seems to have inspired Harvard’s approach to its impending House renewal process. While the Harvard renovations are slated to begin in 2012, this year’s restoration of Ezra Stiles College marks the end of Yale’s extensive residential college reconditioning.

A large portion of the article explains the history of the Yale college renovations, with several University administrators commenting on the goals of these restorations.

Similarly to Yale, Harvard has launched a recent fundraising campaign not unlike Yale Tomorrow, with the main goal of raising capital for the House renovations. The Cantabs are also taking other pointers from its “nemesis,” which include searching for Harvard’s own version of Swing Space and “expecting the unexpected,” as University Planner Laura Cruickshank told the Crimson.

So while Yale wraps up 12 long years of arduous renovations (and mini-renovations), Harvard will soon kick off their own project, not without providing Mother Yale with the sincerest (slash, best) form of flattery: imitation.