As WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange publishes secret diplomatic cables, scholars are publishing books on how his work is affecting the world.

Yale University Press has purchased the United Kingdom rights to a book titled “WikiLeaks and the Age of Transparency” by Micah Sifry, which analyzes the controversial website, reported.

“WikiLeaks is one of the biggest stories in years, and we’re delighted to be rushing out technology and politics analyst Micah Sifry’s lively, up-to-the-minute account,” politics, economics and current affairs editor for Yale University Press Phoebe Clapham told

In the book, Sifry argues that WikiLeaks is part of a larger movement towards more open societies where people have greater access to information. He notes that similar sites have been created in places such as Russia and the European Union.

Assange launched WikiLeaks in 2006.