Saybrook College juniors will be annexed to Swing Space next year instead of Vanderbilt Hall, as was previously announced.

Associate Dean for Student Organizations and Physical Resources John Meeske said that Saybrugian freshmen will still be housed in Vanderbilt Hall next year. They swap locations with Berkeley College freshmen, who will move to Lanman-Wright Hall. Because Saybrook’s freshman class is larger than Berkeley’s freshman class, Meeske said that Vanderbilt Hall cannot accommodate both Saybrook freshmen and annexed juniors.

Meeske said he and Saybrook Dean Paul McKinley had previously announced that Saybrook students would be annexed to Vanderbilt hall since they had miscalculated how many freshmen would need to be housed in Vanderbilt Hall. Branford College freshmen and annexed juniors will still occupy Vanderbilt Hall next year.

Swing Space will also serve as an annex for juniors from Berkeley, Ezra Stiles, Morse and Trumbull colleges.