UPDATED: 12:46 p.m. A man claiming to be a Yale student looking for a wife caused a commotion on Cross Campus near the steps of Sterling Memorial Library late Tuesday morning.

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Both New Haven Police Department and Yale Police Department officers responded at around 11:15 a.m. and began to try to remove the man, who was heard yelling, “I go to this school, get your f–king hands off me.”

According to one officer, the man had been harassing students inside Commons. When he was approached by the police he fought with them and then attempted to flee the scene.

The officers struggled to get the man in a police vehicle without hurting him. The man begged to be tasered by the police and to be physically harmed.

“Break my arm please, break my arm please. I’m about to get paid, I’m about to get paid,” he sang.

At one point he said he was “schizophrenic/bipolar” and asked people to call an ambulance so he could go to a hospital.

In instances when he was not yelling at the police, he rapped about his large genitalia.

The police handcuffed the man’s wrists and ankles and belted his legs together before wrestling him into the van.

It took more than a dozen officers and over a half an hour to get him inside a police vehicle.

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