UPATED: 1:48 p.m. Omar Njie ’13, president of the Sophomore Class Council, has sent an email to all ELIminate participants informing them that ELIminate, the sophomore game of assassins, has been canceled indefinitely.

In his email to participants, he wrote:

We have discovered that the official Yale email address of one of the members of the Sophomore Class Council has been compromised. We are working with Information Technology Services (ITS) and a number of college deans to deal with the problem. Both ITS and the deans want me to stress that this is a very serious issue.

He said he has been “advised by ITS to inform all participants of ELIminate to change their Net ID password and security questions as a precaution.”

In an email to News, Njie said that the troubles with ELIminate began when an email was sent from the official eli.mination2011@gmail.com account to all the ELIminate participants, who were not BCC’d.

Then, students began creating fake Gmail accounts with names similar to eli.mination2011@gmail.com so as to dupe participants into revealing the identities of their teammates.

Eventually the official eli.mination2011@gmail.com account was hacked, so organizer and SoCo member Rebecca Miller ’13 began to use her Yale e-mail account for communication.

Njie said that this morning an unauthorized email was sent from Miller’s Yale email account telling everyone to actually e-mail the compromised eli.mination2011@gmail.com account. At this point, organizers decided to indefinitely cancel the game.

In his e-mail to the News, Njie said:

The emails for all the participants have most likely not been compromised; however, ITS told me to email the warning as a precaution. We currently have no idea who is behind this, and the game is being cancelled for now given the turn of events. We hope to identify who was behind all of this first and then resume in the near future.