It’s the biggest thing to hit QPac since the announcement that Ke$ha is coming to town.

The Yale men’s hockey team faces its cross-Toad’s rivals in Hamden Friday night, and the Quinnipiackers (Q-packers? QUackers?) are bracing for what they call The Game.

Elis might lean forward in their leather armchairs, remove their pipes from their mouths, point to their famous rivalry with Harvard, and laugh at that name, but the Quinnipiackers (Quinnipi-maniacs?) are taking this seriously.

The Chronicle, the school’s student newspaper, is offering its back page as a sign for fans to use at the game. The text? It’s simple: Beat Yale.

“It’s a single-minded, community approach,” the newspaper wrote in an editorial.

The Chronicle’s community approach extends to providing fans with a list of chants for the game, including, “Stick to reading” and “Let’s go Harvard.”

Oh, and then there’s chant No. 4: “No means yes! Yes means anal!”

Keep it classy guys. And good luck against the No. 3 hockey team in the country. You’ll need it.

(Check out the “view our latest issue” link on Chronicle’s page to see the full list of slogans.)