In light of a national produce shortage, Yale Dining will serve fewer fresh vegetables in campus dining halls in coming weeks, the News reported this morning. The shortage, caused by unusual weather patterns of freezing and flooding in the United States and Mexico, affects produce such as cucumbers, green beans, peppers, squash, zucchini and eggplants. Students heading to the dining halls for dinner this evening shared their reactions to the news.

“It’s unfortunate. As a vegetarian I feel sometimes there are not as many vegetarian options available; sometimes the dining hall options are limited. I hope this won’t affect that, but it probably will. Sometimes it’s just like, either vegetables or meat, and nothing in between.”

· Brittany Robinson ’14

“I honestly like to have fresh vegetables, but it’s not something Yale is in control of. I don’t blame the administration or anything. It’s just nature. It’s the weather.”

· Rebecca Gandy ’13

“[Vegetables] are one of my favorite parts of the dining hall. [The shortage] is kind of disappointing news. It’s nice that no matter what the food is, there are always fresh veggies in the salad bar. So that sucks!”

· Adam Weiner ’12

“I’m not a picky eater. I feel like I’ll be fine with all the other dining options. I do feel bad for people outside Yale. I’m not vegetarian; if I were, I might have a different reaction. But the implications are a bit heavier on the global level.”

· Campbell Schnebly ’14

“I’m on a full meal plan, so I’m going to be eating in the dining hall no matter what. I like eating healthy and I like my vegetables, so in that sense it’s a bummer, but I eat what they serve for the most part.”

· Dennis Howe ’11