It’s 007 time according to the Sophomore Class Council, which is sponsoring a game of assassins cleverly called ELImination for the Class of 2013 in hopes of helping members of the sophomore class mingle and meet other sophomores they didn’t already know. Yet it appears the organizers of the event were just not stealthy enough as they accidentally forgot to blind cc the list of students participating.

What followed were emails from rather than, the official ELImination email address. Emails from both addresses claimed their own address was the legitimate and offical one.

In response an email was sent by a fake “Ronnell Higgins”, whose email was listed as“” which said:

Dear eli.mination011,

Did you really think the sophomore class has learned nothing from ITS on spotting a fake email?

You forgot to keep your name as “eli mination.”

You forgot a “2” in your name.

Most importantly, you forgot a really cool youtube video at the end of your email.

Anyway, just for clarification, my team is Richard Levin, Linda Lorimer, Peter Salovey, and Mary Miller. My team is going after everyone at Harvard.

Hope this helps!

Ronnell Higgins

“We have clarified the situation, and Elimination will be continuing as usual,” said game organizer and SoCo member Rebecca Miller ’13 in an email to the News.

282 people are participating, with 47 teams of 6.