I feel like I’ve gotten to a point in my life where literally nothing makes sense. I don’t speak in seminar because I have no opinions. I can hardly get dressed in the morning because my closet is too confusing. I have recurring nightmares about absurdist literature and pickles. To put it simply, I am a frazzled mess.

In an attempt to change my life, I’ve spent the last week listening to smooth ladies who seem put-together. The queen of all of these smooth ladies is, of course, Sade. But obviously the Nigerian sophisti-pop seductress is 100 times cooler than I will ever be. She proves this in the video for her first single, “Your Love is King,” off of the album “Diamond Life” (1984). Her music is the type of oh-so-pleasurable adult contemporary cheese that was dated even when it was new, making it essentially timeless. She shows literally no emotion in her beautiful face for the entire video. She refrains from laughing even though a man with a silly haircut is dancing with a soprano sax right behind her. She does magic tricks.

My Valentine’s Day gift to you the video “Your Love is King.” It may not be Sade’s sexiest song (that’s “Smooth Operator,” of course), but in the video, she’s pure class. Every day is Valentine’s Day for Sade.

Sade - Your Love Is King - Official - 1984