Harvard College’s admissions office is considering reinstating its early admissions program, the Harvard Crimson reported Thursday. “By the time spring comes around, we’ll have to have made a decision,” Harvard Dean of Admissions William R. Fitzsimmons said in the article, adding that his office had always intended the program’s cancellation in 2006 to be “an experiment.”

One day after the News ran an op-ed about Bass Library’s policy of intermittently shooing students out before 1:45 a.m. with the same formulaic message, the late night security staff made only one announcement at 1:30 a.m. Friday: “I am 42. I am single. I have no kids — though the rest of the announcement has to stay the same. Bass Library is closing in 15 minutes. The Fire Marshall yadda yadda yadda.”

Women who decided to use the restroom in 220 York Street Thursday afternoon were greeted by a unique installation. Hanging across the top of stalls was a row of dollar bills attached to a string by clothespins. A laptop was resting by the sink with stereo speakers, and one of the toilets was covered in a shroud. Resting on the toilet was an open constitutional law book.

Go green this Valentine’s Day. The Yale Student Environmental Coalition made 300 valentine posters which they spread around campus Wednesday with environmentally friendly messages and lipstick kisses. One read: “Turn off the lights! CT uses more than 900,000 tons of dirty coal for electricity production every year. Do it in the dark!”

Fortune favors the lustful? A video for Trumbull College’s Se7en dance party set for Friday features a student staring at the camera for several seconds before two girls enter the frame and rip his white T-shirt off.

One hundred and fifty people attended speed dating hosted by the Ivy Council in Silliman over the course of two hours Thursday night. The decor featured low lighting, pink plastic tablecloths and candy strewn across tables.

Erin Biel ’13 wrote an article for Forbes.com describing her experience in Egypt as protests spread. Biel was studying at the American University in Cairo and provides a day-by-day break down starting on Jan. 23 and ending on Feb. 2 when she returned to the U.S.


1936 The Secretary’s Office releases a statement explaining that “only students are employed as waiters in the Freshman Commons.” Only three non-student employees had been hired since Dec. 1.