2014: the tamest class at Yale ever?

Thirteen freshmen interviewed said they witnessed no alcohol-related incidents during the Freshman Screw (oops, we mean Dance) Saturday.

“I didn’t notice any people being too crazy, nor did I see too much of a problem compared to other dances,” said Bryan Epps, a Silliman Freshman Class Council representative and one of the co-chairs for this year’s Dance. He attributed the lack of alcohol-induced mishaps to the nature of the event, which encourages freshmen to set their friends and suitemates on blind dates.

Carlene Miller ’14 said the dance, held at Commons, was not as crowded as previous events such as the 80s-themed Safety Dance, in which five to six students were hospitalized for alcohol-related illness in October. She added she had not heard of any “crazy DUH incidents.”

Pre-sale tickes cost $7 as opposed to $10 at the door. Around 500 tickets were sold before Screw, said FCC Chair Caroline Smith ’14, and she added that they had not tallied the final number of ticket sales as of Sunday night.

A representative at Yale HEALTH said she could not disclose the number of student treated for alcohol on Saturday night.