Yale men’s lacrosse players Deron Dempster ’13 and Matthew Miller ’12 were named to BroBible.com’s 2011 D-I Lacrosse Pre-Season All-Flow Team. The list showcases 76 players most likely to have cascading locks coming out of the top and back of their Cascade helmets. BroBible broke flow down into three categories: “OverFlow (where the flow is simply almost too much), Lettuce (just peeking out from under the bucket), and Letting It Rage (self-explanatory).”

Miller, a 2010 second-team All-New England midfielder, is recognized for “Letting it Rage,” occasionally keeping his hair back with some elastic, but otherwise keeping it free to go wild. Dempster, who will be competing for time at attack with Yale veterans Brian Douglass ’11 and Matt Gibson ’12 and 2010 Nassau County Attackman of the Year Brandon Mangan ’14, is lauded for his subtle, cropped flow.

Members of the lacrosse community have overwhelmed BroBible’s comment boards to support overlooked laxers with sick flow. Five of the 77 posters decried the exclusion of Gibson, writing such comments as:

“fillange…matt gibson yale quality d-1 flow…you know what it is” and “matt gibson definitely. he literally is the flowiest player in d-1. if you can get to a yale game.” Check it out for yourself.

The Bulldogs kick off their season on February 13 with scrimmages against Stony Brook University and Merrimack College at Reese Stadium.