Four months ago, New Haven Police Department officers, some wearing SWAT gear and brandishing weapons, entered the Alchemy/Elevate club on 215 Crown St. At approximately 12:50 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 2. the Morse-Stiles Screw was in full swing, and not set to end until 2 a.m. but the music was turned off and students were made to sit on the ground. During this raid, which was part of Mayor John DeStefano’s “Operation Nightlife” to curb downtown violence, police shouted profanities at the attendees, threw some to the ground and tased a Yale sophomore. Five students, including this sophomore, were arrested that evening, and legal proceedings are ongoing. But students were not the only ones who ran into trouble that morning. Members of the Yale community claimed that they had been the victims of police brutality, and both the University and the City struggled to deal with and make sense of these claims.