Last finals period, I was that sad person who lived in Starbucks — not because I have a coffee addiction, but because I’m too dumb to figure out how the internet works there (if you tell me, I will find you and end you). I can no longer get any work done, ever, if I have Internet access, so Starbucks became the one place I could write papers in any kind of timely manner.

But I no longer have to desperately wash the clinging scent of coffee from my hair and clothes every night, because I’ve discovered SelfControl — no, not the personal attribute, the computer application. It’s for Macs (if someone knows of a PC equivalent, share!), and it’s free. Just download it, create a list of all the websites you want to block, and set the number of hours you want the block to last for (up to 12).

The best part is that you can’t get around it — not even restarting the computer works. You can also add more websites to the blocklist while SelfControl is activated, which is helpful when you’re me and will stop at nothing in your search for new and better ways to keep from writing a paper.

Download and be free.