The News interviewed students about University President Richard Levin’s candidacy for the role of director of the National Economic Council. Last Friday’s announcement that US President Barack Obama appointed Gene Sperling LAW ’85, and not Levin, to the post ended rumors that Levin would be leaving Yale. Of 22 Elis interviewed Monday, 14 said they were aware that Levin had been a candidate to become NEC director, and five said they thought he would have been a good choice for the job.

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“I was disappointed that the Obama administration would lose his skill set, which would be perfect for the job: able to corporatize a bureaucracy, raise lots of money and befriend China.” -Ramon Gonzalez ’12

“I think it’s a huge honor for him and for Yale. It definitely bodes well for the University.” -Sumana Rao GRD ’11

“He would have done a great job, but he’s also great here.” -Isabel Beshar ’14

“It didn’t bother me. Let’s say he was appointed — I think Yale would miss him, but we could have another president.” -Aimee Marquez ’11

“If he had left I feel like he would have done a good job prepping his successor. He loves Yale enough; he wouldn’t let it just fall apart.” -Dahlia Mignouna ’12

“I think President Levin has done a great job and it would have been Yale’s loss but America’s gain.” -Chaka Jaliwa ’11

“I really like him. I’m a big fan, and I would have been sad to see him go.” -Allegra Gordon ’14