If you haven’t had the pleasure of downloading Kanye West’s latest album, “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” (seriously, that’s the name of the album), the collection’s shortest song aside from atmospheric pieces and interludes clocks in at four minutes and seventeen seconds. Even the sweet memory of Kanye ruining Taylor Swift’s big moment at the VMAs (I know it’s been a while since “Love Story,” but just for the record, T-Swift should try reading the Shakespeare she wants to reference the next time she sings a song with his work as a central trope – SPOILER ALERT: Romeo and Juliet both die at the end!) can’t keep me jamming for 68 minutes and 42 seconds. I realize that it may be “the album of the year” and all that jazz, but I have things to do! It wouldn’t kill him to exercise a little more self-control by snipping even a few seconds off his songs. Why didn’t you just dispense with the album concept and make a movie, Kanye? By which I mean, one with a coherent story as opposed to an abstruse half-hour romp with Kanye in a smoking jacket in which he gets it on with a phoenix (see “Runaway” (2010)). Just imagine it: Rihanna, swimming in a bed of satin sheets, asking some mysterious phantom to turn off the lights. Oh well, maybe next year.