After serving nearly four years, City Hall spokeswoman Jessica Mayorga is leaving town sometime this spring, she said in an interview.

Mayorga, who has run Mayor John DeStefano Jr.’s communications team since March 2007, is moving with her husband, a medical resident at Yale-New Haven Hospital, to Maryland, where he has been offered a job at a hospital.

Mayorga’s departure isn’t a surprise to city officials, whom Mayorga told when she took the job that she expected to be here only four years.

“I was excited when I took the position to be a part of the innovative and cutting edge things happening under the mayor’s leadership,” said Mayorga, who started managing the mayor’s message to the public shortly before the rollout of the Elm City Resident Card program, which provides all residents of New Haven a form of ID regardless of immigration status.

Of particular importance to Mayorga, who has a degree from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, was the mayor’s school reform agenda.

“It matches what my passions are, and just to play a small role in getting the word out to the country about how New Haven is doing sweeping school reform has been wonderful,” Mayorga said. “We’re a model to watch.”

Mayorga said she has no definite plans for what she will do in Maryland, and has not yet set a date for her departure.