After being released from the Smilow Cancer Center Dec. 3 where he underwent a successful stem cell graft, Master of Saybrook College Paul Hudak is in the midst of his recovery process.

Acting master Edward Kamens 74 GRD ’82 told students that Hudak was released from Smilow at the Saybrook holiday dinner on Saturday, December 4th. Kamens service as acting master comes following Hudak’s Nov. 1 medical leave for leukemia treatment.

“The news so far is very good,” wrote Hudak’s wife and Associate Master of Saybrook College Kathy Van Dyke in an e-mail to the News. “The rate of cell regeneration has been very high and the doctors say that is an indication of an excellent graft.”

According to Van Dyke, Hudak underwent two days of chemotherapy and three rounds of full-body radiation to weaken his immune system, which allows the transplanted stem cells to become engrafted in the body.

Van Dyke wrote that while the news has been good thus far, “the scariest part of the journey” lies ahead as Hudak’s immune system recovers, a process that can take a year or more.

Still, Hudak and Van Dyke remain positive.

“He is in good spirits, especially now that he has some freedom,” said Van Dyke. “The amazing send-off from the Saybrook community along with the many notes and messages he received really buoyed his spirits during the tough times.”