He’s back… Confrontational open-air preacher Jesse Morrell struck Yale again Wednesday.

Morrell wore a sandwich board with the word “REPENT” writ large, and lashed out against homosexuals, liberals, rappers, and evolutionists in his attempt to spread the Christian message to the Yale campus. Like last year, Morrell was repeatedly heckled by Yale students on Cross Campus.

But Morrell did not appear alone — he invited Jeremy Hiltz, another open-air preacher who frequents college campuses, to join him. Hiltz said this is the first time he preached at Yale.

“After I came last year, no Yale students repented,” Morrell said. “But some students and parents e-mailed me saying they appreciated my coming.”

Morrell said he came to Yale again because he is visiting family in Connecticut for the holidays. He might return to Yale on Thursday or visit other Connecticut universities, he added.

Check back for updates on Morrell’s visit.