Thanksgiving is a time defined not only by family and friends, but also by food. But as a vegetarian, I can commiserate with those who feel a little left out on a day so thoroughly devoted to consuming meat. For the herbivores out there, here are some vegan and vegetarian options to get your through the holiday season:

Tofu Turkey (“tofurkey”): For vegans who wish to be a feel a little closer to their carnivorous counterparts, this dish offers a meatless option that blends seamlessly with traditional Thanksgiving fare. Basically a giant block of tofu, the tofu turkey is incredibly flexible and absorbs almost any type of seasoning.

Vegan Stuffing: Meatless stuffing ranges from fruity and sweet cranberry to more salty varieties that make incorporate hearty mushroom broth and vegetable stock. For the more creative, almond and coconut can add seasoning to a base of plain rice.

Dessert: What Thanksgiving meal would be complete without dessert? Even traditional Thanksgiving sweets like pumpkin pie have their vegan counterparts. While most pies use eggs to add thickness to fillings, tofu can often achieve the same result. Tofu has no unique flavor, so it doesn’t detract from the sweetness of the other ingredients. Desserts with a dairy base, from cream pies to custards, can substitute soy milk in place of dairy products such as milk and butter.