A graduate of Yale’s Teacher Preparation Program created a Facebook event to rally support for the program, which is set to end in June.

The Facebook page gives a link to a page where people can provide their contact information to receive updates about the campaign to save the program.

“The Yale Teacher Preparation Program has been a huge part of my life,” wrote Alison Kadesch ’08 on the Facebook page she created, “and has thankfully continued to touch the lives of my kindergarten students for the past two years.”

She also wrote the cut is “a disturbing decision for both the university and the fields of education and of teacher preparation.”

In an interview last week, Yale College Dean Mary Miller said the low number of students pursuing teacher certification in the undergraduate program was a major factor in the decision. Of the 18 seniors currently enrolled in the two-year undergraduate program, none will earn certification.

As of Tuesday morning 73 people were “attending” the event.