Deep in the shady sadness of Cambridge, the music’ll start to fade and Harvardians’ll start mumbling about papers. No matter that it’s only 12:05 on a Saturday night, the party’s over. Here are a couple of things to do in the twilight hours between fiesta and bed.


Not all Harvardians go to bed when the music stops. A select few head on over to Harvard’s “elite” final clubs where the party just doesn’t stop. That is, if you’re a good-looking girl. But don’t despair — most of the clubs have easily scalable walls. With a bit of gumption and a boost, any intrepid (read: drunk) Yalie can find him-/herself off of Mt. Auburn Street and into the Phoenix’s backyard.

That said, Friday night, kinda like Tap Nite, will be the initiation night for new members of several final clubs, and Yalies coming to their doors in search of fun may be disappointed.


Sources say the top floor club at Hong Kong restaurant on Harvard Square is always a cool spot, although they’re reported to be very strict on IDs. For those willing to journey into Boston’s throbbing core, nightclubs like Rumor (100 Warrenton Street — the “more Euro, more fun” option) and Mantra (52 Temple Pl.) should satisfy. But make sure you find an afterparty — Massachusetts state law dictates that all clubs have to close by 2:00 a.m. For a later party, check out the Sheraton Commander’s ballroom, which a couple of Cantabs have hired for a $20-a-head extravaganza Friday night.


You certainly don’t want to die of exhaustion on the cold streets of Cambridge. Luckily, late night eateries abound. Pinocchio’s Pizza and Subs (74 Winthrop St.) is the classic in late night dining. On Harvard Sq., there’s also Felipe’s Taqueria (83 Mt. Auburn St.), a great Mexican joint that’ll keep the cold out with steaming hot burritos and flamingly flavourful tacos. If you want to eat after 2:00 a.m., make a quick walk over the town line to Somerville’s Market Basket, a G-Heav-style deli with subs, wraps and sandwiches available 24 hours a day. It’s rumoured that the b.good burger joint (24 Dunster St.) will be open later for The Game, but, Yalies, try to treat them with respect if they’re closed. Not everyone can have Louis’.


Yeah, Harvard students wouldn’t know what sex was if it came up and smacked them in the face. But on the off chance that you reach across the aisle during your time at Cambridge, make sure that you do it in style. Apparently the primo location for Harvardians to hook up is in the stacks of Widener Library. Wonder why they need a widener?


Okay, so you can’t run Primal Scream (the annual naked run around Harvard Yard) with the Cantabs, but who would want to? They probably look even worse without all of that crimson on. Get your birthday suit on and show them what Yale is made of beneath its soft blue exterior. Please take precautions against frostbite.


In the middle of Game madness last year, I found a spot so warm, so perfect, so wonderful, that I almost thought myself back in New Haven. Where? The hot air duct in Harvard Square. It’s the perfect place to sleep for any sozzled Yalie, and let me tell you, when you’ve napped there, you know what refreshment is.