Our staff reporter Melissa Cail ’13 is in possession of the very last student section ticket sold for The Game. She tells her story here:

I had been on the fence about making the trek to Cambridge this weekend for The Game. Both pre-break exhaustion and the lack of promising tailgating prospects had contributed to my indecision, but mostly, I was worried that the vuvuzelas would keep me from enjoying my favorite part of The Game: the Yale Precision Marching Band halftime show. When I learned last night that the noisemakers had been officially banned, I decided I’d go, and so I headed up to Payne Whitney to buy my ticket around noon today.

When I got to the office, the woman at the ticket window announced that she had just sold the final student ticket to a guy who was five places in front of me in line. The availability of seats in the alumni overflow section was little consolation to me. I thought: “Great. I’ll be spending the first day of break hob-knobbing with drunk alums and looking totally out of place in my bro-tastic 2013 Lax pinney.”

So I’m endlessly thankful to the girl in front of me who asked the woman behind the counter to double check if there were any student tickets left. She came back a few seconds later with five tickets which she said were the absolute last ones in the student section.

I waited as the four girls in front of me picked up their tickets, all the while fearing that the guy at the adjacent window would sneak over and sell my ticket to someone else. He didn’t though, and I exchanged my twenty for the final student ticket.

Leaving the ticket office, I felt just a little guilty. Seat 14 in Row OO of Section 3 will likely be empty for the majority of the first half; all I really care about is seeing the halftime shows.