A tiny part of you misses Juicy Campus — just admit it. The new collegeabc thing or whatever it’s called has a terrible, ugly, hard-to-use interface and not enough traffic to be interesting, so how are you supposed to procrastinate/get revenge on that girl that cheated on you? Well, students at Dartmouth have found a solution — the anonymous forum boredatbaker.com, which is similar to Juicy Campus but with a much less complex interface (more of a facebook-wall style free-for-all).

And now “bored at” is coming to Yale — or rather, it’s been at Yale since 2006, when boredatsterling.com was created, only apparently no one knows about it (right now there are about two to three posts a day, if that). So it’s actually worse than college123-whatever. But hey, if you’re reading this blog post, you can remedy that — get to posting. Make it popular. Make it the pit of sexism, racism and general disgusting-ness that Juicy Campus eventually became, and then get it suspended pending further review.

That’s what happened at Dartmouth.