Next spring, students with early morning classes can at least look forward to an extra five minutes of sleep.

To accomodate slower travel times due to construction on the Prospect St. Bridge, administrators pushed 9:25 am classes to 9:20 am for the past two years. In an e-mail to students enrolled in Yale College and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Tuesday, Associate Registrar Daria Vander Veer said classes scheduled at 9:25 am will not revert back to their original times until next term.

Though the bridge was partially reopened last week, Vander Veer said no time changes will take place this term “to minimize confusion.”

Read the email:

Dear Students and Faculty of Yale College and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences,

The Associate Vice President for Administration announced last week that the Prospect Street Bridge, located at the intersection of Prospect Street and Trumbull Street, has partially reopened after 18 months of renovations. This reopening allows two way traffic to resume on Prospect Street.

Please note: the class time shift announced at the beginning of the fall semester will remain in effect for the rest of the term to minimize confusion. Starting with the spring term 2011, classes will meet at the regularly scheduled times listed at .

Daria Vander Veer

Associate Registrar

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

(203) 432-2338