After just one day of ticket sales 1,200 tickets of the just over 3,000 tickets available to Yale students for the Yale student section at the Harvard-Yale game in Cambridge have been sold, said Jeremy Makins, director of ticket operations.

The 1,200 number includes student tickets, which are available for $20, as well as guest ticket purchases, which are available for $35. Makins said in the event that the tickets for the student section sells out, the Yale ticket office is keeping more tickets in the alumni section and general sections on hand, and students will also be able to purchase those.

UPDATE: 12:38 p.m.

On Monday two years ago the Yale ticket office had only sold 600 tickets compared to yesterday’s 1,200. But Makins noted that this year the Yale ticket office was able to keep more tickets for students from the alumni and general sections than in prior years.