And they say that New Haven is dangerous. A Cambridge man shot at a police officer and attempted to rob three Harvard freshmen, the Harvard Crimson reported Sunday. The man — later identified as Kai Robert Kruger, 21 — was arrested and charged with armed robbery and assault with attempt to murder early Saturday morning, the article said.

After attempting to hold up the three students, Kruger fled the scene. He fired a gun at a Cambridge police officer who pursued him on foot. Kruger was disarmed after he fell down a flight of stairs, at which point the officer was able to place him under arrest.

According to the Crimson, neither the students nor the officer were injured.

From the Crimson:

This incident was the sixth armed robbery on or close to the Harvard campus in two weeks and the third that involved Harvard affiliates. Following the armed robbery of a non-Harvard affiliate on Thursday morning at 2:45 a.m., HUPD added additional officers on patrol and “increased visibility” in and around the Yard, according to a community advisory that HUPD sent to Harvard affiliates yesterday afternoon.

In response to this spate of robberies, several Harvard students have started an online petition called “It’s Time for More Than Just Another Community Advisory.”

One student said that Harvard Yard should remain open during the day, but be closed during the evening.

Old Campus, Yale’s version of Harvard Yard, is open to the public during regular hours, but requires key cards to enter at night.