An electronic key card reader located at Bingham Hall was damaged Saturday night by an unknown person whom police have not caught.

Yale Police spokesman Lt. Steven Woznyk said in an e-mail that YPD officers responded to Bingham entryway B Sunday morning and found that the card reader was pulled from its mount. He said that the door remained closed and secure, and the police confirmed that all other card readers in Bingham were intact and operable. The broken card reader was reported to Physical Plant, and it has now been repaired, Woznyk added.

“We’re still trying to figure out what happened,” said Calhoun College Master Jonathan Holloway. Calhoun freshman live in that entryway of Bingham.

Holloway added that there are no reports of injured persons or stolen items from Saturday evening, but that “we have people who were clearly upset.”

There was also a report of a suspicious person in Bingham on Saturday evening, but Woznyk said there was no obvious connection between the two incidents.

Woznyk said that at 4:31 Sunday morning, YPD officers responded to the residential hall on a report of a male in a suite. He added that the complainant did not recognize him, so the police were called.

Further investigation, however, revealed that the person who entered the suite was another Yale student and was in fact a guest of one of the residents in that suite, he said.

Suites and bedrooms have individual locks in Bingham, but the common practice of propping a door open with a clothes hanger allows for many suites to be easily entered.

This is not the first report of unauthorized suite entry this year. On Sept. 16, an originally unidentified intruder in Saybrook entered several suites while students were sleeping. Two days later, a Saybrugian came forward and admitted to being the intruder.

In 2008, the University approved campuswide bedroom locks after several petty thefts in 2007. But Facilities faced difficulty in securing funding and navigating fire regulations.

Each lock costs between $120 and $180, Norman Brody, associate director of lock facilities, said last fall.

Jonathan Edwards, Berkeley, Silliman, Arnold Hall, Calhoun and Morse colleges have room locks installed.

Sam Greenberg contributed reporting.