• Administrators are exploring ways to encourage faculty to send their children to public school— and the city’s recent efforts at education reform may help them make a stronger case for enrolling in New Haven public schools. Deputy Provost for Faculty Development Frances Rosenbluth said she is now collecting information about how faculty members choose schools for their children, but she said her efforts are still in preliminary stages, and she does not yet have a concrete plan for making public school more attractive for faculty.
  • While the New Haven Promise announced Tuesday has forged an institutional connection between the administrations of Yale and New Haven public high schools, an after-school dance program, called the “Yale Dance Collaborative,” founded by Yale undergraduates last fall has been cultivating

    a link between Yalies and high school students at the local Cooperative Arts and

    Humanities high school.

  • For many Yale students, East Rock Park represents a chance to escape the stresses of their lives. But for Park Ranger Daniel Barvir, the park is his life. Barvir said he feels lucky not to have a wife so that he can be “married to the park” instead. To those who live in the East Rock neighborhood, his devotion to the park has become his identity; they cannot think of the park without thinking of him as well.

    “He’s a great park ranger,” said Terry McCool, Park Ranger at Lighthouse Point Park. “He’s been contributing to East Rock with his programs for years. He’s almost synonymous with that park.”


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