Almost a month after the Delta Kappa Epsilon initiation ritual controversy, the Yale College Council has opened up student applications for the newly-formed Committee on Hazing.

Galvanized by the DKE incident, the Yale College Dean’s Office decided to form the committee in order to probe into the culture of initiations within student organizations — both registered and unregistered — on campus.

In an e-mail newsletter sent out to the student body, the YCC wrote that the committee will be looking for students “familiar with or concerned about initiation practices at Yale” within fraternities and sororities, sport teams, a cappella troupes, senior societies and other clubs.

“We are asking you to neither protect your particular organization nor to condemn it, but to apply your experience to this larger campus issue,” the e-mail said.

Judith Krauss, Silliman College master and chair of the Faculty Committee on Athletics, will chair the Committee on Hazing, which will begin its investigation next semester. According to the YCC e-mail, the committee will likely meet and work for one hour every other week under complete confidentiality.

The deadline for the committee applications is this Friday, November 12.