If you ever want to drink regular coffee again, don’t try Starbucks’ Clover coffee. It is much better than the regular blend and majorly addictive.

Starbucks boasts that their new blend is “exotic, rare, and exquisite” — all accurate descriptions, if not slightly overblown.

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The Clover blend is named for an eponymous coffeemaker that is indeed very rare: only 38 exist, two of which are in Connecticut (one is at the Starbucks on Chapel the other is in West Hartford).

The four blends — El Salvador, Brazil, Nicaragua, and aged Sulawesi — are all delicious, with deeper flavors than regular coffee that leave a kind after-taste on the tongue.

You get what you pay for, however. The Clover coffees range in price for a tall from $2.25 for the El Salvador blend, to $3.95 for the aged Sulawesi.

The clover coffee is definitely worth trying, just be careful you don’t develop a tongue too discerning to go back to dreary dining hall coffee.