Peruvian President Alan Garcia formally asked President Barack Obama to help Peru in its quest to retrieve artifacts currently held at Yale but discovered in the ancient city of Machu Picchu, the Associated Press reported. He added that it is “just and necessary” for Obama to help Peru.

A columnist in the Harvard Crimson advocated for ending Harvard-Yale paraphernalia that is “deeply offensive and degrades women.” The author said past clothing has “in the name of cleverness, [glorified] aggressive if not violent male sexual dominance in both language and imagery.” An example was a sweatshirt that said “Bulldog…Just a Fancy Word for Bitch.”

Not that it’s too early to get Harvard-Yale shirts at Yale. Four freshmen designed a shirt that on the back features Harvard’s tailgate rules with the words “SORRY/FOR/TAIL-/GATING” written over them.

Lock your doors. Well, now you can. According to a “Note from the YCC Facilities Project Group” featured in a Yale College Council e-mail Tuesday, all bedroom doors in residential colleges will have locks by the summer of 2012. Davenport, Pierson and Timothy Dwight Colleges get locks this coming summer.

Also in that note was the news the the “original ornate” gate will return to its home on the Elm Street side of Old Campus after students return from the Thanksgiving holiday.

No Screwing Around! Pierson Dean Amerigo Fabbri informed students in an e-mail Wednesday that police officers and Yale security will be present in the Pierson courtyard on the night of the college’s “Semi Formal Dance Party” this year. “We hope that you realize that the success of this event will depend entirely upon your sense of citizenship and decency,” he wrote.

Jerry Bock, the composer of “Fiddler on the Roof,” died at the age of 81 Wednesday, the Hartford Courant’s Behind the Curtain blog reported. A number of his shows had their world premieres at the Shubert Theater on College Street.

Andrew Carter ’10 is one of five finalists competing to interview former President George W. Bush ’68 about his memoir “Decision Points.” Voting, which takes place on Facebook, began Wednesday and will end Saturday at noon.


1979 Associate Professor Thomas Pangle resigns, saying in a letter that the political science department has “a clear and unambiguous pattern of intolerance and ideological discrimination.”