Rising from the dead, appropriately on Halloween, Modern Love told its fans, “You can help us stay alive” Sunday night.

Greg Rubin ’11, one of the organizers of the elusive dance party, sent a message to members of the event’s facebook group that stated ominously, “This may be the last message you receive from Modern Love.”

But the news is not dire.

The group is forgoing Facebook for tumblr (http://m-o-d-e-r-n-l-o-v-e.tumblr.com/) in the interest of reducing crowds, but it will take place just as soon as the organizers find a suitable space, according to Rubin. “Lend us your basement. (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE),” he wrote in the message, and “Try not to make noise and gather in the street (YOU CRAZY COLLEGE KIDS).”

Organizers will continue to put up posters to advertise the dance in the future, Rubin said, and everyone will still be welcome to come – “just not cops. Unless they leave their guns at home and come to dance.”

Those interested in hosting were told to e-mail modernlove@panlists.yale.edu.