If you are registered to vote in Connecticut, Ward 1 votes at the New Haven Free Public Library at 133 Elm Street, while ballots for Ward 22 are cast at the Wexler-Grant School at 55 Foote St.

Harvard is not so loco, Four Loko. In an e-mail sent to Harvard College students, the university’s health services director and its drug and alcohol czar together encouraged students to avoid the nasty nectar. The beverage has drawn negative headlines in recent weeks after students at universities nationwide — including Harvard — have required medical treatment after consuming it.

Feel like you’re getting your money’s worth at Yale? According the list of Best Values in Private Colleges published Monday by Kiplinger, a business forecaster, Yale is the second best deal in higher education. Of the 600 institutions surveyed, Princeton placed first and Harvard came in sixth.

The Runaway Author. General Stanley McChrystal has signed on with a Washington, DC-based literary agent to write a book on leadership and his experiences on the battlefield, according to the Atlantic Monthly.

A “Glamour”-ous Halloween. Lauren Oyler ’12 was featured on Glamour’s Smitten blog wearing her Carmen Miranda costume from Halloween. Oyler tweeted a picture of herself to Glamour. The blog wrote that her photo “gets me smiling so much, I couldn’t wait to share it.”

A track performed by the Duke’s Men is appearing on “Sing 7: Lucky,” a compilation of college a cappella performances. Written by Raphael Shapiro ’12 and Ben Wexler ’11, the Duke’s Men’s track is called “The Quickest Road.”

A chilly treat for chilly weather. Froyoworld is now featuring holiday flavors, according to an e-mail from Yale’s Office of New Haven and State Affairs. The flavors are “Pumpkin Pie” and “Snicker doodle,” but you might need gloves to take a cup outside.


1937 John W. Murphy wins a fourth term as mayor of New Haven. With a landslide over Republican candidate George F. Barnes, Murphy becomes the city’s fifth mayor to reach four terms.