Provost Peter Salovey talked about love with students Tuesday. Psychology professor Paul Bloom’s popular course “Introduction to Psychology” featured a guest lecture from the provost (who is also the Chris Argyris Professor of Psychology).

Salovey’s lecture focused on theories of love and different possible love relationships. He also talked about different reasons behind why we may love whom we love.

Three students interviewed after class said they enjoyed Salovey’s many example stories — including one about a Davenport College student who confused the effects of caffeine with the feeling of falling in love — and his overall approach to teaching.

“I thought the anecdote format was appropriate for a lecture about love,” Lincoln Sedlacek ’13 said.

Bloom made reference to Salovey’s research in the field of social psychology and noted that at one point during his time as a professor, Salovey taught the biggest class ever offered in the history of Yale, “Psychology and Law.”

“I do miss it,” Salovey said about teaching. “It’s one of the parts I miss the most by being the Provost.”

Salovey first came to Yale in 1981 as a graduate student in psychology, and earned his PhD in 1986.