Harvard blows. Both Harvard and Yale are procuring vuvuzelas for the Game. In what they are calling “The Silence Yale Campaign,” Harvard students are selling $8 crimson versions of the World Cup horns emblazoned with the Harvard “H.”

But Yale is getting some too. Branford has ordered 300 vuvuzelas. The collapsible, $7 horns read “Harvard Blows.”

“The Maltese Bulldog,” the video accompaniment to the Yale Symphony Orchestra’s Halloween Show Sunday night, told the tale of the eponymous sculpture and the struggle between Harvard and Yale to wield its power. The video spoofed classic films such as “The Maltese Falcon,” “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “Psycho” and “Casablanca.” Special appearances included University President Richard Levin, Dean of Yale College Mary Miller, and James Franco GRD ’16.

This is why we love Ashley’s. The famed “Downside Watson” of Ashley’s Ice Cream was featured on the blog “This is Why You’re Fat.” The dessert features seven scoops of ice cream, nine toppings and two bananas served on a Frisbee.

Puppy love. Jonathan Edwards College students and faculty wore masks featuring the face of Jimmy, JE Residential Fellow and Associate Dean for the Arts Susan Cahan’s dog, while carving pumpkins Saturday afternoon. “Jimmy is such a great dog that we like to celebrate him any time we can,” Cahan said.

Tombstones outside the tomb? A tipster sent in pictures of decorations outside Skull and Bones’ High Street tomb. There was a fake dead body, blood, plastic spiders, cobwebs, and also tombstones in front of the tomb.

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A pumpkin spit bubbles and fog at pumpkin carving in Jonathan Edwards Saturday. Yale Chemistry Club President Zachary Litman ’12 said the club originally planned to burn magnesium in the pumpkin but the fire marshal decided it was a fire hazard. (See photo)


1966 Solicitor-General Thurgood Marshall tells the Yale Political Union that “the question of civil liberties of the majority and the civil rights of the minority must be framed in the panorama of the world picture.”