This election cycle members of the Tea Party have made the point that elitists from Ivy League schools dominate the U.S. national government, especially Congress. They may have a point.

An article in U.S. News & World Report revealed that Yale, with six senators and four congressmen, has produced the third most sitting members of Congress of any college. Harvard and Stanford took the top two spots on the list with 15 and 11 current members of Congress respectively.

In the House, Harvard accounts for 10 representatives while in the Senate, Yale edges out both Harvard and Stanford, each with five senators. Two current Senate standing committees chairmen also hail from Yale: John Kerry ’66 and Joe Lieberman ’64, LAW ’67.

However, outside the top three spots, public state schools dominate the list. University of Florida, Louisiana State University, University of Georgia and the University of California system all made the top ten.