BOOM! Thunder and lightning shook up Yale and New Haven Thursday afternoon. Students reported a particularly booming thunder around 2 p.m. which lasted several seconds, triggered car alarms and interrupted classes.

Thomas Duffy, Yale director of bands and professor in the School of Music, got to see the lightning up close when it struck his office in Hendrie Hall. “My hair went straight up in the air,” Duffy said.

David Mogilner ’12 also had a close encounter with the bolt. Mogilner was walking down Edgewood Avenue toward Park Street when he saw what he described as a blinding “flash of white” across the street followed by a spark.

Around the same time as the thunderclap, a power outage occurred at 10 Amistad St. Machines in labs and refrigerators with precious samples ran on backup generators for most of the afternoon.

Morse is getting big on Tumblr. The Morse Telegraph, a Tumblr self-deemed the “unofficial blog of the best college at Yale University,” has features such as “MORSE IM ATHLETE OF THE WEEK,” “Dispatches from the Morse Library” and select quote from Eero Saarinen ARC ’34.

Obama’s coming to town. President Obama will visit Bridgeport, Conn. on Oct. 30 to stump for the state’s Democratic candidates. Just three days before the election, the president will speak at the city’s Arena at Harbor Yard at a time not yet decided, according to the Connecticut Post.

Yalies are diving. Dumpster-diving that is. According to an article written by Chloe Rossetti ’11 for The Atlantic, she and her housemates bring home donated leftovers from local cafes and coffee shops, use the produce of the Yale Farm and drive to the dumpsters of large grocery stores to acquire the goods for meals.


1947 A letter to the President is posted in the dining halls, Commons and the Graduate and Law Schools demanding that Congress reconvene to act on the Marshall Plan.