David Gay, a Berkeley College Dining Hall employee, lost his life in a car crash early Friday morning. He was 26.

Gay and the driver, a family friend, were on their way home from a party when their car struck a tree on the corner of Munson Street and Winter Street.

Gay’s brother, Clint Gay, said he was in disbelief when he first heard the news.

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“I just thought it ain’t true,” he said, adding that no one can believe something like this could happen to someone as loving as his brother. “Everybody is more mad than sad.”

David Gay, the youngest of four siblings, was known by his family as “baby brother.” Because of his caring nature, he was also nicknamed “D.I.” for “Divine Individual,” and “Wavy” for his easy-going personality,, his siblings said.

“D.I. was like a peacemaker,” Clint said. “Everybody could connect with him.”

Family friend Nancy Brown described Gay as quiet, and also as a “lovely” person.

Gay leaves behind a son and daughter, David and Danaya, who live with their mother. He was raised in New Haven, where he lived with his mother, sister, nephew and niece. He graduated from Common Ground High School, in the West Rock neighborhood, in 2002, and started working for Yale Dining in 2006, Clint said. Gay worked in the Berkeley kitchen. Two of his siblings also work for Yale Dining: Raquel Gay works in Trumbull College, and Marvin Gay works in Pierson College.

“He was adored,” his brother Marvin Gay said.

When he was not working, Gay enjoyed spending time with his girlfriend, said friend and co-worker Alexis Moorer. Moorer said Gay also liked going out to bars and clubs, and travelling to New York City to party.

“He was cool to hang out with,” Moorer said. “We’ve been to a lot of places.”

Gay was a big fan of the Indianapolis Colts, Clint said, and was a talented baseball player.

Brown, who has worked with Yale Dining for 17 years, said she babysat Gay when he was a child, and then later worked with him in Berkeley.

“He was a beautiful child,” she said.

Berkeley College Master Marvin Chun declined to comment.

The New Haven Police Department said the accident is still under investigation, but they have not reported any indications of driving under the influence.

Gay’s funeral will be held on Thursday. The family has also arranged a get-together for family and friends, which will take place on Tuesday at local bar.