The Elevate raid is now the stuff of legends — or at least, of a song.

University of Pennsylvania alum Campbell Davis, 22, composed a 2-minute ditty titled “New Haven Police” within hours of reading about the incident, according to the New Haven Register.

The lyrics begin and close with the refrain “New Haven police on a club raid/Five arrested, one is Tased.”

Davis told the Register that reading about the events at Elevate “sufficiently unsettled” him that he took 10 minutes write a song about the raid, the same amount of time Nick Jonas has said he spent writing the smash-hit Jonas Brothers’ song “S.O.S.”

But if commenters on YouTube have their say, “New Haven Police” probably won’t be canonized anytime soon. All five comments on the video, which currently has just over 300 views, are negative. One commenter called the song “beyond lame” and encouraged Davis to “get a life!” Another said the song “SUCKED!”