• In prior years, Yale Cheerleading was in need of its own pep rally. With repeated rejections of varsity status, a slim turnout to tryouts and an uncommitted coaching staff, the team faced an uphill battle to legitimize its efforts. Fast-forward to the fall of 2010, and Yale Cheerleading says it has a newfound sense of purpose with the support system necessary to achieve it.
  • Children and parents alike delighted at the local fossils on display at the Peabody Museum of Natural History on Wednesday. Part of a one-day exhibit to celebrate the first annual National Fossil Day, museum workers dug out a 200-million-year old dinosaur skeleton for its first public display, but some children were more concerned about the lack of color variety in the museum’s rock collection.
  • A flyer with the words “Get Tasered” and a picture of a student holding a sign saying “I did” that appeared on a bulletin board next to William L. Harkness Hall early last week may have looked familiar. Although the flyer’s message was new — it refers to the tasing of a student at the Morse-Stiles Screw on October 2 — its design was not. The layout was adapted from flyers that promoted sexual health with the message “Get Tested” during Sex Week at Yale 2010, last February. This is at least the fifth spin-off of the original Sex Week poster, and students involved in the “Get Tested” campaign are now wondering when the copycats will stop.


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