Yale featured prominently in Sunday’s episode of “The Simpsons.” The episode entitled “MoneyBART” featured Dahlia Brinkley, the “only Sprinfield Elementary alum ever to advance to the Ivy League.”

Described as a “babe” by Nelson, she wore a watch emblazoned with a blue Y and drove a car with a large Yale sticker on the back window.

In a scene she told the Simpson children that she had “just graduated from Yale, so I thought I’d pay a visit—from Yale—to the little school where it all began.”

Later in that scene, Brinkley mocks Lisa Simpson’s plans to attend an Ivy League school because Lisa is only involved in two extracurricular activities. Lisa does have a 4.0 GPA and the ability to do math with letters.

The Yalie tells Lisa that by second grade she was “the dominant force in dozens of extracurricular activities” including Archery Club, First Aid Club, and Friends of the Hall Monitors, thus serving as a catalyst for the episode wherein Lisa tries to pad her resume by coaching baseball.

Only dozens of activities? Sounds like an underachiever.