In the October 6 article “Black and White and Grey All Over,” the quotation attributed to me on fair use was incomplete and misleading. Faculty members using Classes*v2 (or any other copying medium) for course material must abide by copyright law, including by obtaining rights clearances in any instance where the copying would not qualify as fair use. By failing to do so, they put themselves, and potentially the University, in legal peril. The GCO website ( provides information on copyright, including fair use and procedures for obtaining copyright clearance. The “Guidelines” to which I referred are those that were negotiated multilaterally for educational copying and inserted into the legislative history of the Copyright Act of 1976. They are an important reference on copying for academic use, and while they do not define a maximum, they are instructive of a quantity of educational copying that may safely be considered fair use.

Dorothy K. Robinson

Vice President and General Counsel