Following the announcement earlier this month of Yale’s plan to open a new liberal arts college in collaboration with the National University of Singapore, University President Richard Levin invited faculty, students and alumni to weigh in on the proposal. Ilana Seager interviewed alumni about their views, three of which are represented here.

Singaporeans are culturally very pragmatic and hands-on and I think the model will have to be adapted to serve the interests of the community in terms of practical use for business, daily life or service to the larger community.

-Mario Conde ’06

I think a liberal arts college in Singapore would be well-received and not just relevant for Singapore but would attract top notch students from all over Asia.

-Mara Folz ’94

I wish there were liberal arts colleges in Singapore already. There have been articles in the newspaper the last few months from top members of the government and the business community that a liberal arts education is to be respected.

-Peter Teravainen ’74