The gunman who fled Sunday morning’s College Street shootout that left two men shot was detained Thursday morning, police announced.

Police caught Cadell Harris, 26, because he walked into a local hospital with a gunshot wound, NHPD spokeswoman Joe Avery said Thursday night. An eyewitness confirmed Harris was at the scene, Avery added, and Harris is currently at the hospital. Police said that if they receive approval from the State’s Attorney’s Office, they will charge Harris with at least seven crimes, including assault on a police officer, possession of a pistol and unlawful discharge of a weapon.

According to state court records, Harris has been sent to jail on numerous felony and misdemeanor charges, including assaulting a police officer and selling drugs. Police said Thursday that Harris has been arrested nine times for drug-related charges, adding that he was released from jail last April.

The arrest followed Mayor John DeStefano Jr.’s announcement Tuesday that he will take “preventive measures” to stop future violence by increasing police presence, as well as lighting in the area’s streets, parking lots and garages.

“I think, frankly, I was too tolerant of some of the behaviors we’ve seen on the street,” DeStefano said, adding that he will target public drinking and club promotions such as $1 pitcher nights.

At about 1:50 a.m. Sunday morning, police responded to the corner of College and Crown streets and saw a mob assaulting New Haven resident Ricky Hargett, who had been celebrating his 19th birthday. Police said Harris allegedly opened fire on Hargett with a handgun at close range and missed. But Harris hit two other New Haven residents: Alfred Smith, 22, in the hand and Eric Evans, 19, in the pelvis.

Harris allegedly opened fire on police as well, and the ensuing gunfight ended with up to 30 shots fired on the corner, as thousands of bystanders were leaving the nearby Crown Street bars.

Both Yale and New Haven police announced this week that they will add extra police in the area during weekends.

Correction: Sept. 22, 2010

An earlier version of this article misreported that Cadell Harris has been arrested. He has been detained by police.