Watch out, Harvard! Yale is ranked No. 1 in Newsweek magazine’s list of the “Best 25 Schools for Brainiacs,” published on Monday.

“Whether you’re a brainiac, future power broker, or a jock there’s probably something for you at Yale,” the article said.

Newsweek’s rankings looked at which colleges attracted the most high-achieving students and graduated the most high-achieving alumni. Among the factors taken into account were the number of Nobel laureates, MacArthur “geniuses” and Guggenheim fellows produced by each college or university. The rankings also considered the number of graduates receiving Rhodes, Fulbright, Marshall, Mitchell, Truman, or Gates-Cambridge scholars as well as the number who go on to receive doctorates.

Harvard placed second on the list while Caltech took third place. All eight Ivy League colleges placed in the top 25.