Continuing to strengthen the relationship between his country and Yale, Singapore’s minister of education, Ng Eng Hen, is visiting Yale’s campus today.

The National University of Singapore is building a liberal arts college modeled on top American schools, and Yale has been acting as a consultant in the project since 2009. During his visit, Ng will take a tour of campus and listen to a panel of undergraduate students in Jonathan Edwards College.

“The panel will give a sense of what a liberal arts curriculum is in a residential college system,” Vice President and Secretary Linda Lorimer said.

The students will discuss their academic and extracurricular pursuits and their experiences living in their residential college community.

Ng was a surgical oncologist before going into politics. He is Singapore’s second minister for defense in addition to minister of education.

NUS, established in 1905, is the country’s oldest and largest university. Along with Yale, it was a founding member of the International Alliance of Research Universities, a group of ten top universities that also includes the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge in the United Kingdom. As a result of this partnership, Yale students have had the option of taking summer classes at NUS since 2006.

This is Ng’s first visit to Yale, though his predecessor, Tharman Shanmugaratnam, came to the University several years ago. Ng will also go to Washington, Boston and Toronto during this trip to North America.