Life for literature-minded Yalies is about to get a little less sweet.

In an e-mail to English majors with the subject line “LEAVING ENGLISH !!!!,” English Department Registrar Ruben Roman announced Tuesday afternoon that he will be leaving the department on Sept. 24 — and he’s taking the bowl of chocolates on his desk with him.

Roman will be moving to the Registrar’s Office, where he will serve as assistant registrar of Yale College.

Roman, the subject of a 130-member Facebook group titled “Ruben Roman Brightens My Day,” said the decision to move was not an easy one.

“You guys were the main reason that I have never thought of moving to another [department] here at Yale,” Roman said.

Roman said his new position in the Registrar’s Office will allow him to offer the same guidance and support he offered to English majors to the rest of Yale College, and to “teach people who do what I do … hopefully just like me.”