Spotted … still. Shoppers in Linsly-Chittenden Hall caught glimpses of — wait for it — James Franco (!) around his English classes and outside near his Prius. OK, we’re over it now.

Students in retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s seminar received the syllabus for the course Thursday. Among the course’s topics: “Communicating the Story — the Media Environment.” The syllabus goes on to explain that while students have “every right” to speak with the press, class meetings are off the record and no recording devices will be permitted. See the full document on the Cross Campus blog.

In other impossible-to-get-into-seminars news, students began lining up in front of LC to register for English 120 sections at 5 a.m. Thursday. To pass the four hours before the English Department petition meeting started, students brought pillows and sleeping bags and screened the Disney-Pixar movie “Up.”

Call him the mayor of love. New Haven mayor John DeStefano Jr. officiated the wedding of Scott Stringer, Manhattan’s borough president, and Elyse Buxbaum, director of sponsorships and grants at New York’s Jewish Museum, at City Hall on Thursday afternoon.

Shopping week fashion police? “This is a lecture,” English Professor David Scott Kastan told students in his Shakespeare lecture Thursday afternoon. “There will be sections. There will be badly dressed grad students.” Right on cue, a TA stood up and gestured at his khakis and untucked button-down shirt with a look of shock.

Kastan went on to ban computers in class. “The only electronic devices permitted,” he said, “are ankle monitors, and even then, only with a note from your parole officer.”

Durfee Girls — they’re undeniable! The employees of Durfee’s Sweet Shoppe were spotted busting a move around and inside the store Thursday afternoon while handing out samples of Pepsi Max. What was on their jam playlist? Katy Perry, obvi.

In preparation for Hurricane Earl’s arrival, harvesting crops at the Yale Farm begins at 8 a.m. today. For more about the hurricane, see story, page 5.


1987 Sterling Professor of History and Classics Donald Kagan (then the Colgate professor of history and classics) begins his one-year stint as the University’s interim director of athletics. “I want to blow up the [NCAA] and start all over again,” Kagan said upon taking the post.

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